NeuroMuscleDBA Gene Database on Muscle Development and Neuromuscular Disorders

About Database

Neuro-Muscle Database (NeuroMuscleDB) is an authoritative collection of genes related to muscle development from Homo sapiens, Mus musculus and Bos taurus. NeuroMuscleDB is the first comprehensive database developed to catalog and categorizes available information of muscle related genes to facilitate easy retrieval of information according to their involvement at different stages of muscle development. The database carries a short description of genes (location, start and end position of genomic accession, etc.), GeneID, number of exons, PDB ID, protein accession number along with their Uniprot ID in addition to information of Refseq information, GO terms of individual genes and their Pubmed links. NeuroMuscleDB is equipped with flexible search features including user-friendly browser and hyper-text link-outs to nucleotide and protein sequence databases and tools for primers designing, multiple sequence alignment, transcriptional factor identification, and promoter analysis. NeuroMuscleDB covering maximum information on one platform will provide useful information for experimental and computational analyses of myogenesis related genes. The user friendly mode of the database carry information for all sequences submitted in the primary database and focus on the gene sequence, three dimensional structure and other features relevant to the process of myogenesis. We believe that NeuroMuscleDB will be useful for researchers to get the desired information and performing different analysis for genes related to myogenesis.